Fatma Nasser

Tunisian Actress


When you do something you love, sometime you will miss yourself. Because you will be busy all the time to develop yourself, searching for the best and eager to keep the fans’ love.

No matter how many hours you are working, how many days you spent to make a masterpiece for your fans… The Love is the main reason for everything, so do what you love and insist to do what you love.
Liberate from the constraints, don’t accept to be a copy of other people be yourself, be what you want to be. Enjoy every moment in your life, live every moment in doing something you love.

No matter when you will start? The milestone happens when you start, “it’s never too late”

This is the first time I’m saying that, when I left my job in the bank I was relieved… the relation is break-up, but in the fact it was a make-up for everything I love and I never did. Now I realized that, one of the most difficult things in life is to know really what we want?! So keep asking yourself in every single day are you really doing what you love in life?

Finally, I’ve succeeded to make My work My Hobby.

With deep love to all my fans..



Fatma Nasser


Fatma Nasser speaks French and English fluently in addition to the Tunisian mother tongue; and she was also able to learn the Egyptian accent in record time.


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